I don’t think I’ve ever been happier for December!

Seriously!  I am in such a good mood sometimes it’s frightening.  I like it so I just go with it but it’s not something I am used to that’s why it scares me.  In a good way.

It’s probably one of many reasons :

  1. We’re leaving Vegas…..in the next 3 months or so….Yes!!!!!!!
  2. I’ve been taking St. John’s Wort, Ashwagandha, and Fish oil daily for a few months.
  3. Really working on my attitude and mood by listening to positive podcasts, using the Law of Attraction planner, copying what positive people say to do.
  4. Eating lots more fruits and veggies and fewer sweets.

Las Vegas hasn’t changed.  More people are moving here.  In my neighborhood alone – check it out before you move here…….they are putting those huge iron black fences up around apartment buildings for a reason.  All the piece of shit buildings are getting rehauled and refurbished to prepare for the influx of people.  Our fence isn’t that high so I still have a view of the outside world.  My street is busy and there are so many people displaced in downtown Las Vegas/Fremont area.  Just yesterday I noticed three different apartment buildings being worked on, new paint so they look pretty.  Something I notice just sitting in my living room when people walk by is they like to listen to music without headphones….I don’t know when that changed back….but just blasting their stuff at any time of day or night.

The other day my bf and I were walking to downtown to get some coffee and we walk by this kid (13 -15 yrs) eating some chips walking his dog (it’s like 7:00 am) and he says – “you got a dollar?” No, hi, no good morning. I was still in shock but my bf said, “NO” and the kid shakes his head and is like…..”fuck!”

I must stop with that….getting all worked up and I gotta work.  My horoscope said……Don’t Let Someone Pull You Into Their Storm…..Pull Them Into Your Peace.



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