My reviews: Dutch Treat by Phat Panda

I love this strain or any “Dutch” strains – I love the effects and I was also born in The Netherlands so these strains are close to home.
The dominant terpene in this stain is terpinolene and you can really smell it in this strain. I personally love the smell and it’s one of my favorite terpenes. It’s hard to describe the scent – it’s sort of an herbal citrus. Terpinolene is also found in Jack Herer, Durban Poison, Northern Lights, and Haze strains.
This is a nice strain for uplifting mood, anxiety, and stress relief – It’s generally a feel-good all-around strain for me and I can use it during the day or at night.

I pulled off the label because it has writing on the inside and I want everyone to see it. Also, a fun fact about the label – those “Dutch” treats in the picture are “oliebollen” – it’s a treat the Dutch eat on New Year’s Eve. It’s deep-fried dough balls with currants – fried in oil and then topped with powdered sugar. The translation is literally “oil balls”. They taste amazing and I look forward to the day when I enjoy these with my family again.
This jar was a gift from one of my oldest friends – we’ve been friends and smoke buddies for about 40 years!!!! We’ve definitely seen changes happen since we were first smoking!
This was purchased just over the border in WA – We are about 10 minutes away. I buy most of my stuff here in Oregon because there is no sales tax and prices are good compared to CA. Next weekend I am going to check out some WA dispensaries so I can see what they have to offer. Stay tuned.

Thank you for checking out my post! Just my opinion here.