Perspective Helps.

Every time Dallas goes into the kitchen to cook I hear him say how thankful he is for our pots and pans.  It’s because when we moved from our last place to our current place we got rid of a lot of stuff, pots and pans included.  It seems like since we lived here (Oahu) it’s been feast or famine.  After we moved we were broke and a friend gave us a small frying pan and a huge pot.  We had been using them since November and we just got a new 16 pc  set a month ago.  Thank you, Rianna!  Cooking more than one thing had to be planned carefully or some foods we just didn’t cook.  I’m happy too because I get to eat a lot more variety.  I am so glad we are thankful for the little things like pots and pans.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d be stoked if  could be thankful for other things, like financial security and one day I will be, but for now – it is what it is.  I saw on social media earlier that Kendall & Kylie Jenner got matching Ferrari Spiders and it made me giggle, I wonder what they’re thankful for?

9.24.16 dream.

I love it when either my mom or dad is in my dream.  I can’t recall ever having one with them together.  They died about 14 years apart and had been divorced since about 1973.

This one was such a trip though.  I was at my dad’s house on Gentry in Hermosa Beach and we had a home invasion.  My dad kept rifles in his closet so I grabbed one to shoot, I remember him giving me the bullets but when I went to shoot nothing happened!! Three times I tried to shoot and the invader (can’t remember if it was a chick or a dude, one, two or three) was laughing.  A lot of other stuff happened, it’s always so detailed and I don’t remember because I should have wrote this shit down earlier.

Earlier in the day I saw the home surveillance video of a lady shooting at the people who invaded her home, I’m sure the dream and this are no coincidence.



I am thinking about how I feel pretty good. I can see the Pali Hwy from my bed and am watching the car lights going in and out of Kailua. The sky is so dark right now it blends in with the mountains and it’s just black and sinister.  It’s been rainy and hot and like I say daily, I’ve never sweated so much in my life.

I woke up this morning to a lame dream, the most horrible part was seeing my dad laying naked in the driveway with a leg missing, someone else was there, I don’t know who it was.  It was at our house in Hermosa Beach on Gentry. It kind of put a funk in my mood so I’ve been been watching Snapped and cleaning out my inbox, unsubscribing to all the jackass mail.