9.24.16 dream.

I love it when either my mom or dad is in my dream.  I can’t recall ever having one with them together.  They died about 14 years apart and had been divorced since about 1973.

This one was such a trip though.  I was at my dad’s house on Gentry in Hermosa Beach and we had a home invasion.  My dad kept rifles in his closet so I grabbed one to shoot, I remember him giving me the bullets but when I went to shoot nothing happened!! Three times I tried to shoot and the invader (can’t remember if it was a chick or a dude, one, two or three) was laughing.  A lot of other stuff happened, it’s always so detailed and I don’t remember because I should have wrote this shit down earlier.

Earlier in the day I saw the home surveillance video of a lady shooting at the people who invaded her home, I’m sure the dream and this are no coincidence.


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