Perspective Helps.

Every time Dallas goes into the kitchen to cook I hear him say how thankful he is for our pots and pans.  It’s because when we moved from our last place to our current place we got rid of a lot of stuff, pots and pans included.  It seems like since we lived here (Oahu) it’s been feast or famine.  After we moved we were broke and a friend gave us a small frying pan and a huge pot.  We had been using them since November and we just got a new 16 pc  set a month ago.  Thank you, Rianna!  Cooking more than one thing had to be planned carefully or some foods we just didn’t cook.  I’m happy too because I get to eat a lot more variety.  I am so glad we are thankful for the little things like pots and pans.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d be stoked if  could be thankful for other things, like financial security and one day I will be, but for now – it is what it is.  I saw on social media earlier that Kendall & Kylie Jenner got matching Ferrari Spiders and it made me giggle, I wonder what they’re thankful for?

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