My reviews: Death Bubba Kush

The scent of this flower is very pungent and I love it!
I’ve been smoking a lot more Indica flower here in PA because I can’t seem to find a Sativa with good effects and they all smell strange.
This one is 70% Indica/30% Sativa and it doesn’t make me tired if I smoke it in the morning. It’s especially nice before yoga or with a cup of good coffee.
There’s even a little purple in there.

My opinions only here. Thank you for stopping by.

I love this flower because I can smoke at any time of day and it either helps me work with focus or relax before going to sleep.

My reviews: Sunflower’s Spacecakes Brownie

These are so tasty and they are vegan. When I know they are in the house I have a hard time not wanting to eat it as soon as I get up.
Each brownie has 85 – 100 mg of THC
In addition to these tasty ass brownies, they also have cookies, cheesecakes, puddings, chips and drinks.

Storefront is in West Philly.
Check out the menu at the website listed below.

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My opinions only here.

My reviews: $100 OG

These buds smell amazing.
The effects are really nice. It’s a 50/50 hybrid so you get body relaxation with a euphoric head high.
This is a great bud to smoke in the morning with a cup of coffee.
Good stuff. If it’s still available I will pick up some more. I like that I am able to function but still feel super relaxed.

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My reviews: Wedding Crashers Crumble by OZ

Looks like honeycomb.
It’s very delicate and crumbles very easily. That’s why it’s called “crumble”.
It’s concentrated THC so it’s a nice addition to your flower if your flower isn’t as strong as you like it.
Here is how I use it as a flower topper. It can also be used in a concentrate/extract vape pen or whatever you smoke concentrates/extracts in.
I think I am caught up with the late review posts.

These are my opinions only here.

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My reviews: Coda Signature Chocolate Bar – Coffee and Doughnuts

This brand has about 6 different flavors and I like them all.
We had a “buy one get one for $1” sale!
Child-Proof packaging that’s actually not too hard for adults to open.
The entire back of the bar is covered with cinnamon sugar.
Each piece is 5 mg of THC so you can dose with as much as you like.
I love to break my chocolate bar into pieces and blend them into my coffee. See below.
Mount Hagen Organic Instant Coffee stick + coconut oil and 20 mg of the chocolate bar.
I definitely look forward to this on my day off.

Just my opinions here. Thank you for looking! 😉

Leaving Las Vegas

I just read my post from December 2017 about being excited about moving here. Now I am writing about being excited to leave! It’s definitely been interesting and I have learned a lot. I also know that I don’t care for living in Las Vegas.

The year had its ups and downs. Today I am going to try and focus on the positive parts and what’s “good” today because I find myself being way to negative lately. I blame it on my environment but I know it boils down to me, how I react to it. I just know, for me personally, my environment has a lot to do with my attitude. It’s a lot easier to be happy when you are happy with your situation – where you live, work, the people you spend time with, what you do with your time and where you spend your time.

So what’s good today is – we’re in a temporary hotel for the month – there was always some sort of issue in the apartment I was living in and we’re staying here till we leave Vegas. My last day at the dispensary was on the 1st of March. I miss my people there and am so grateful for them, I have new life friends. I have a month off to focus on recovering from this year and getting ready for the next part of life. We are moving to a smaller town with trees, water and fresh air. I am beyond excited.

Working in the Cannabis Industry is interesting.

I thought everyone (as in customers) would be so mellow and then I remember that if it’s too good to be true it usually is.  Sometimes I feel like I work at a 7-11 for weed.  It’s not like that all the time but I’d say about 1/2 the time it is.  Dispensaries are new and most of the management and staff are fairly young.  The one I work for is open 7 days a week, we’re open from around 7 till midnight and my schedule is different every day of every week.  The last job I had I worked from home.  The one before that I worked M-F, 8:30-5. I knew my schedule weeks beforehand because it was the same every day unless something else had been planned, days or weeks in advance.  At my current job, I get my work schedule the day before the week starts.  So the work week starts Sunday, I get the work schedule after 12 pm on Saturday.  It is a source of major frustration for me. So each week I have no idea what the next week is.  I feel like I am on call because it’s not the same each week. At least for me. For other people it is.  I have put my request in for what I would like and was told it would be accommodated as best as they could.  One guy has weekends off! He’s the only one and hasn’t been there as long as me.  It’s starting to affect my health.  I don’t have a routine. I can’t get on a regular sleep schedule.  I don’t want to be a bummer because I am always bitching. I just drained myself of writing any more about it for now.



I’m glad so many beautiful places are close by.

And it’s because the city can be quite ugly.  I’ve lived in CA, WA, HI and now NV.  This state is the trashiest I’ve been in. A lot of people don’t pick up their dog poop and there are plastic bags all over the place.  I’ve seen people throw trash out their windows driving.  It’s so crazy.

On a happier note, Red Rock Canyon is really close by and we got an annual pass this past week so we will be spending a lot of time here.  It’s super peaceful and the park opens at 6 am so you can go before it starts getting hot.

We hit 100 yesterday for the first time in 2018.  It was hotter than I expected, luckily I was at work all day but when I got out at 7pm it was still yucky hot.

I fulfilled one of my life’s dreams and got a job at a cannabis dispensary, it’s been fun and interesting.  A little different than I expected but it stays quite busy, I am learning lots and I get an employee discount.  Yay!!!!


I found motivation for writing so I am pretty stoked. 365 questions, one per day. Yay!

I found the questions at the site of, “Get It Scrapped! Tami Taylor 365 Questions – a five year journal.” 

Today’s is for the 16th: Did you seize any opportunities?

I guess small things are better than no things. I took advantage of some extra time and paid my car payment. I bought expensive envelopes ($3.99 for 45 #10 security) because they were out of the lick ones at CVS/Longs.  For some crazy reason I let the Dr. schedule an appointment for a mammogram tomorrow, Friday. I called the mammogram people and told them if they were going to press my b**bs in that scary ass machine I couldn’t deal with it tomorrow. So I postponed it for another week and will ask my Dr. for something to help me deal. Lastly, I did all my laundry. I live in an apartment building and we only have 3 washers and 4 dryers for a lot of people, it’s rare when there is no one in the laundry room.

The photo is the view off of my lanai. It’s Kawainui Marsh and vog around the mountains.