It’s been 8 months since I’ve seen a rainbow. Glad I got to see this one.

I didn’t know Las Vegas had monsoons.  It floods here often.  I didn’t know that either.  The weather forecast is not very on point, I’ll get notifications on my phone that it’s going to start raining where I am in 15 minutes but it’s already raining.  Or sometimes the rain never comes.  I appreciate weather notifications – but not if they are wrong…all the time.

It’s been hot, I know it’s been hot everywhere so Vegas is just hotter.  It seems like the normal is about 103-106 degrees, lately, it’s been 110 -117 degrees.  It makes people crazy.  I saw a guy turn left onto a one-way street yesterday, luckily out of the three lanes, he turned into the middle one which happened to be empty.  All the others were full of cars facing the other direction, no-one honked.  I think we were all in disbelief, it’s so clearly marked that it’s one-way.  A guy in a wheelchair who was a double amputee got into a pretty intense argument with another guy in the dispensary, one of them (who was a regular, got kicked out). The police came later in the day because another dude decided to leave his one and two-year-olds in the car while he came in to buy some cannabis. Luckily some other people got the doors open and sat with the kids.  Who does that?  It’s like 117+ degrees in the car.

The high today is only 112 degrees.  Yay.

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