Below the Tropic of Cancer

Today’s question: Where did you go today?

One of the things I like about living on an island 44 miles long and 30 miles wide is that the drive is never far.  It does take longer to get from point A to B because of the traffic, mountains and winding roads. My job requires me to drive to most parts of the island and today I went to the west side, Kapolei. Specifically Down to Earth, a natural food store. It takes about 45 minutes and 1/2 of the drive is super scenic. Sometimes I can’t believe how green it gets.

I went to the post office to mail a couple letters. The main post office is close by (like a few blocks away) and our home delivery is spotty. I complained to the post office once. I’m like – we have no mail Mondays, what’s up with that? The lady at the post office said something about my building being at the end of the route and sometimes the mail people don’t have time to finish.  I had a couple suggestions, they probably laughed when they read them. When it rains and the mail doesn’t come we joke and say it’s because of the rain, like Newman in Seinfeld.

I walked over to CVS/Long’s to drop off a prescription and pick up one. Holy Shit – ha!  I picked up the container of stuff I have to drink before my colonoscopy, it’s more than a gallon of liquid. Ugh.

The last place I went today was for work as well.  I drove into Honolulu which usually takes about 30 minutes, today it took longer because it was around 6pm on a St. Patricks Day Friday. 

Now I am happy at home. I hear people partying over at the bar on the next street over.  I am so glad they don’t have they band that played last year. It was an 80’s cover band which was cool but the singer sucked!!! A good cover band singer at least sounds similar to the original.


** Questions are from: Get It Scrapped! Tami Taylor 365 Questions – a five year journal.**

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