I’m glad so many beautiful places are close by.

And it’s because the city can be quite ugly.  I’ve lived in CA, WA, HI and now NV.  This state is the trashiest I’ve been in. A lot of people don’t pick up their dog poop and there are plastic bags all over the place.  I’ve seen people throw trash out their windows driving.  It’s so crazy.

On a happier note, Red Rock Canyon is really close by and we got an annual pass this past week so we will be spending a lot of time here.  It’s super peaceful and the park opens at 6 am so you can go before it starts getting hot.

We hit 100 yesterday for the first time in 2018.  It was hotter than I expected, luckily I was at work all day but when I got out at 7pm it was still yucky hot.

I fulfilled one of my life’s dreams and got a job at a cannabis dispensary, it’s been fun and interesting.  A little different than I expected but it stays quite busy, I am learning lots and I get an employee discount.  Yay!!!!