Mail Order Mood

It’s unfortunate but true – I enjoy the feeling of Valium and Xanax.  So much so that these days the only way I get to feel that blissful feeling is when I have a procedure that scares me and I request something from my Dr. The last time I had a valium was a few months ago when I was having some dental work done. I cracked up when I picked my prescription up – there was seriously only one tablet in the bottle. I didn’t even know they could prescribe just one. The next time I get to take a Xanax is in a few weeks when I get a colonoscopy, yay!  I don’t know if the Dr. can sense I like these little pills or what – the ass man (colon dr.) only prescribed one Xanax! His reason for picking Xanax instead of Valium is because the effect of Xanax doesn’t last as long as Valium. That was new to me. Bummer.

I used to order Valium and Xanax online.  It was about 14 years ago and I lived in California.  The packages were pretty reliable even though they came all the way from India.  Needless to say, I was taking way too many of those little pills. A few times, days would pass and I would wake up and think it was the same day. I was drinking Smirnoff vodka at the time as well. I am very lucky to be alive. Anyway, I was so addicted to these at the time I would wait for the mail person every day around the time of expected delivery. One day I missed the mail person, he had left a note on the door. I saw him down the street and I literally ran after him, I got my package.