Random Cannabisness for January:

Joint – a marijuana cigarette.

Anslinger, Henry – a Federal Bureau of Narcotics Commissioner well known for being vocal about his anti-marijuana views. Also, a really good Sativa.

Nugs/Nuggets – dried buds from cannabis plants.

Up in Smoke – that movie with Cheech & Chong.

Apple Juice – really cold is exceptionally refreshing for a dry mouth.

Roach – the end of the joint, usually pretty small. If you want to smoke it, use a roach clip.

Yay! – What my mind says after I take a bong hit.

*My anxiety attacks controlled and, in some ways, ruined my life.
For 16 years I suffered from an anxiety disorder that just wouldn’t leave me alone.
And like so many, I was resigned to suffering from anxiety attacks for the rest of my life.
But that’s not what happened.
Instead… I found a different way to approach my anxiety disorder that ended it in weeks.
I haven’t had an attack for 2 years. I’m cured – and life is wonderful!
Here’s how it happened…

*paid affiliate link

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