Dinner at the Hofbrauhaus in Vegas

I like this place. It’s a German style beer hall in Vegas. The food is amazing and it’s always great people watching. We were there on Sunday, the other guys at our table were playing quarters. I’ve never experienced that before when I’ve been eating, at a restaurant.

We don’t eat meat so we had the vegan frankfurter – it comes with fries in a curry sauce that brings back great memories to me from when I was young in Holland with my cousins. A huge pretzel that was super soft on the inside with just enough salt on the outside. It came with a kick-ass beer cheese which was one of the best beer cheeses I’ve had in a while. We also got the vegan schnitzel and it came with potato salad. There were two pieces of schnitzel so it was easy to share. We drank water and our total came to $49.60.

They also do this thing, if you drink 3 or 5 shots you get a smack on your ass with the paddle that holds the shot glasses. I love that the waitresses/waiters are the ones that do the paddling. What a great way thank the drunks you’ve been serving.

Take a shot, get a swat!

Take a shot, get a swat!

This is the best one but i can’t get it to format properly. Bummer.

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